Dafydd also works as a dramaturg on numerous projects, and is regularly asked for advice and responses to work at various stages within their development.

[A]lways at the heart of the dramaturg’s role is the ability to constructively, clearly and sensitively question a piece of work towards making it the best it can be, without confusing, overwhelming or blocking those making it.

Sarah Dickenson in RSC’s Radical Mischief. Issue 02. May 2014.

For Dafydd, his role as dramaturg is always about facilitating an artist/collective to find the most effective way to tell their story. This might involve informal discussions; constructing, leading and/or responding to practical exercises within devising processes; storyboarding; collaboratively structuring devised material; responding and facilitating the development of several drafts of scripts; and hands-on support in the rehearsal room.

As well as many individual artists, he currently has a close relationship with two companies: Gagglebabble and Mai oh Mai productions.

For Gagglebabble – led by artistic directors Hannah McPake and Lucy Rivers – Dafydd worked on the multi-award winning Bloody Ballad (http://www.gagglebabble.co.uk/the-bloody-ballad) and The Forsythe Sisters (http://www.gagglebabble.co.uk/the-forsythe-sisters); both shows were directed by Adele Thomas.

Bloody Ballad Trailer

Forsythe Sisters Teaser

Dafydd has worked extensively with Hannah, Lucy and Adele. Adele is currently attached as director on the next developmental stage of The Village Social; and Hannah and Lucy often accompany him on stage in the Sue shows.

For Mai Oh Mai productions, Dafydd was dramaturg on The Harri Parris: The Leaving Do, which is now being developed into a comedy series for Radio Wales. He is currently attached to the sequel of this show –The Harri Parris: The Big Day – which will be touring Wales in February.   Both shows were created, written and composed by Llinos Mai and directed by Owen Lewis. Dafydd first met them both at the National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough, 2000, when performing in The Hunting of the Snark by the Edinburgh University Theatre Company as a Ukulele-playing beaver. Make of that what you will.

Harri Parris Trailer