‘Very special – witty, wise and a bit wicked. Youth theatre at its best.’ John McGrath, National Theatre Wales

Click truly captures the excitement and tempo of the digital age.’ Buzz Magazine


Click was a ground breaking international play for young people, commissioned by Mess Up The Mess Theatre Company, Wales, but simultaneously developed with Australian Theatre for Young People, Inspired Productions, New Zealand; and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Involving over one hundred young people, five creative challenges, four countries and three exchange trips, it started with a cultural exchange visit to Hong Hong in April 2010, and ended with performances of Dafydd’s play across the world in 2011. Due to its initial success, it subsequently toured Wales again the following year.

All of the young people involved worked together on creative challenges (Music, Poetry, Film, Movement and Character) and shared their ideas through blogging and social networking sites.

Characters were further developed through creating Facebook profiles, which were used to improvise conversations through chat; many of these exchanges appeared in the final play.

Dafydd transformed this material into a bold, challenging and innovative play, which explored communication across the Internet, social boundaries, relationships and trust, looking at the masks young people wear in different parts of their lives. Click was equally shaped, not only by the process itself, but also, the cultural diversity of its young participants.


On-line/off-line: people aren’t always who they seem to be. So how can you tell when things ‘click’? Because it’s not just a case of pressing return. 12 young people’s lives become increasingly interlinked through a series of chance encounters as they struggle to understand themselves and begin to forge surprising friendships that will change the way they view the world forever.


The play offered a snap shot of the diversity of modern youth culture and though tackling hard hitting issues including those of young carers, youth sexuality, teenage pregnancy, homophobia and identity, it never felt issue-led due to its fresh humour and compelling characters.

Following the delivery of a first draft, Sarah Jones, director of the Welsh production, led script development workshops in Wales, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia before Dafydd re-worked the play.

Though the same play was performed in each country, certain elements and references in the text were changed to reflect the cultural specificity of each production.